Our Causes

Our foundation provides support to those in need.

Maintain mental well-being

MSH Foundation focuses on spreading awareness about mental illness and on fighting against the stigma surrounding it. We will also emotionally support and care for the sufferers, and will guide them towards mental wellness, helping them live a happy and purposeful life.

Celebrate older people’s lives

MSH Foundation provides intergenerational care to the elder members of the communities. We promote positive ageing through the themes ‘Design your legacy’ and ‘Gift of growing old.’ The idea is to learn from each other where the elder people share their life experiences with youngsters and then, acquire digital knowledge from young members of the communities.

Improve community well-being

MSH Foundation understands the needs of the members of the communities and connects with them to provide social support, build trust, provide food for the homeless and the vulnerable, encourage people to get involved in volunteering, build the confidence to flourish and fulfil their potential.