January 24, 2024

We all live in a very rushed world, where time flies by before we realise however, on Wednesday, 24 th of January, the Manju Shahul-Hameed foundation portrayed a small act of kindness which meant the world to many people. A ‘Feeding the Homeless’ event was accommodated that day which left an enduring effect on the local communities. This charity establishment, founded in 2017 never fails to extend an arm of love, warmth and hope through their greatly generous events.

At 11am that morning, the doors of the venue opened wide as the aroma of a variety of food wafted through the air as the hall flooded with eagerly awaiting people. The event could not have been more successful and was only so because of the charity’s ongoing philanthropic efforts and their hard work behind all the events they host to make it as remarkable as it was. Their effortswere much appreciated by all the guests there and they all immensely enjoyed the food. The day was elevated with laughter and chatter as the community came together.

Two people, Peter and Melissa expressed their heartfelt gratefulness to the foundation and how much it brightened their day, which was a powerful reminder of how much a simple act of compassion and benevolence can do, and how significant of a difference it can make for someone. Food is very often underappreciated because we fail to remember that the food, drink and nutrition we have does not come so easy to all of us which is why we need to all acknowledge the privilege of having a warm meal. We must all be grateful for what we have and be willing to share it because there will always be someone who needs it more than us. A small act can go a long way.

Malnutrition is a very dangerous situation to be in and could potentially lead to some serious illnesses. With this Homeless Feeding program, the Manju Shahul-Hameed Foundation could have saved lives with this simple yet powerful deed. This charity stands as a strong example to developing a more compassionate and unified society as this not only fed the homeless but also brought the community together. Let this inspire us to lend a helping hand to anyone who is in need. Together we can bring a positive and encouraging change to peoples’ lives.

Shradha Unnithan